LC-MS 101

Short and effective elearning videos to keep you connected to the science!

LC-MS/MS is a widely adopted technique in laboratories around the world. This powerful quantitative and qualitative tool has many advantages over other analytical techniques in terms of sensitivity, specificity and versatility. This series provides you with the background to help determine whether LC-MS/MS is a good fit for your lab.

Welcome to the four-part series:

Sessions Topic
Fundamentals What you need to know about terminology and technology to get started.
Method development Provides a backbone workflow for method development with tips and tricks to make your process easier.
Effective data processing See how easy it is to get from data to results.
Maintenance and troubleshooting Understand how to keep your system in tip-top shape.

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Related to GEN-MKT-11-11196-A, GEN-MKT-11-11213-A, GEN-MKT-11-11308-A, GEN—MKT-11-11370
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