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The Use of a QTOF in a Contract Laboratory

On-Demand Webinar

The Use of a QTOF in a Contract Laboratory for Routine Pesticide Analysis in Food and Feed

The common perception of a QTOF is that it is used more as a screening instrument rather than a routine instrument for quantitative targeted analysis of pesticides. However, as a scanning instrument, the number of analytes in one run is only limited by the extraction and chromatography surrounding the compound of interest.

In the webinar, NofaLab discusses the:

  • Effectiveness of SCIEX X500R QTOF LC-MS/MS System for high-throughput analysis of pesticide residues in food and feed. This presentation demonstrates both the instrument capabilities and the use of data analysis to create an efficient and robust method.
  • Power of SWATH® Acquisition in food and feed samples testing for over 700 pesticides; consistent with the performance criteria to meet EU regulations.


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Relates to RUO-MKT-17-8204-A
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