Warning: Look out for additives in your health products

Get this technical note to start screening 68 additives in common Chinese health products

Globally we’ve seen many countries establish stringent regulations to help control the addition of illegal chemicals to health products. In China, for example, the National Food Safety Supervision and Sampling Implementation Guidelines address the monitoring of 68 drugs in 6 different categories of health products.

The following technical note demonstrates how you can detect the 68 drugs listed in the guideline using a SCIEX QTRAP® system.

Key advantages

  • High sensitivity: EPI secondary spectral sensitivity is at least 500 times higher than that of traditional MRM scanning
  • Comprehensive: quantitative and qualitative validation with a single sample injection
  • Reliability: secondary validation libraries for results confirmation

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Related to RUO-MKT-02-6399-A
For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.