Go Beyond ELISA and Learn What LC-MS Can Do for Your Host Cell Protein Analysis

SWATH® Acquisition enables you to reproducibly determine the identification and absolute quantification of each individual HCP as well as the total HCP content.

Discover how SWATH Acquisition is being applied generically for vaccines, mAbs, small therapeutic proteins and protein biopharmaceuticals expressed in different cell lines and expression systems.

Our HCP Knowledge Accelerator Kit includes:

  • A suite of technical notes and posters with all the information you need to implement the SCIEX SWATH Acquisition Workflow for HCP in your lab today
  • A collection of webinars of the workflow being employed in customer laboratories to day for the following:
    • The identification and quantification of individual host cell protein
    • Benchmarking of ELISA assays for analysis of host cell protein
    • Bioprocess optimization for removal of process impurities in expressed in different cell lines and expression systems

Accelerate Your Host Cell Protein Analysis Today:

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