Simplify Polar Pesticides Within a Single Analysis

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Most contemporary polar pesticide methods fail to address reproducibility and sensitivity. Fret not; we have teamed up with NofaLab to develop a method that uses ion chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry. The compounds found within this non-derivatized method are glyphosate, ethephon, glufosinate-n-acetyl, AMPA. glufosinate, 3-MPPA, phosphonic acid, and chlorate. With this method you will:

  • Get high sensitivity, linearity, and reproducibility for food, feed, and water samples
  • Be able to analyze a wider range of compounds in a single analysis, without derivatization
  • Have a robust method that gives you a column lifetime for more than 1000 matrix samples
  • Easily separate polar pesticides, with minimal matrix interferences
  • Detect levels below the maximum residue level
  • Access MRMHR transitions for the appropriate internal standards

In this info kit:

  • Technical Note: A Robust and Sensitive Method for the Direct Analysis of Polar Pesticides in Food and Environmental Samples Without Derivatization
  • Technical Flyer: Save Time and Overhaul Your Glyphosate Analysis
  • Webinar: Polar Pesticides in Food and Feed

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