Download the Glyphosate Testing Info Kit Your Lab Needs

Reproducible. Reliable. Robust. Add simple to the mix and you have an accurate polar pesticide method that meets most regulatory standards. The Glyphosate Info Kit features this non-derivatized method, which uses ion chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry. With this method you will:

  • Get high sensitivity, linearity, and reproducibility for food, feed, and water samples
  • Be able to analyze a wider range of compounds in a single analysis, without derivatization
  • Have a robust method that gives you a column lifetime for more than 1000 matrix samples
  • Easily separate polar pesticides, with minimal matrix interferences
  • Detect levels below the maximum residue level
  • Access MRMHR transitions for the appropriate internal standards

Download Your Copy of the Glyphosate Info Kit

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