native mode analysis method

Protein Interactions Illuminated with Native Mode Analysis

Discover a new way to analyze protein aggregates, examine non-covalent protein-protein interactions and measure protein-ligand binding affinity with SCIEX native mode analysis workflows.

Download native mode knowledge accelerator to:

  • Learn all about native mode analysis for non-covalent interactions and biotherapeutics characterization using SCIEX products and workflows featured in an on on-demand webinar
  • Discover an optimized workflow for measuring therapeutic monoclonal antibody aggregation
  • See how native mode analysis can be used for determining protein-ligand binding affinity and stoichiometry and lead to unique insights
  • Learn how a combination of intact, middle-up, and bottom-up approaches can be used for structural characterization and DAR calculations of antibody drug conjugates
  • Find out how to characterize intact monoclonal antibodies under native and reverse phase conditions

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