Achieve High Sensitivity Therapeutic Quantitation with Lower Flows and Lower Hassles

Download the OptiFlow Quant Knowledge Accelerator Pack

Learn how Microflow Chromatography brings a new dimension to your sensitivity needs for biotherapeutic quantitation in a no fuss, ease of use format in the OptiFlow Quant solution.

In this resource pack we showcase what microflow chromatography can bring to your laboratory in a single, flexible, sensitive quantitative solution for all your biotherapeutic challenges be it peptides, mAbs or ADC’s.

Learn how to accelerate and simplify your lab's workflows:

  • Solution Brochure with detailed system and software information
  • Infographic - Why Move to MicroFlow?
  • Innovations for microflow quantitation Video
  • Exclusive customer webinar from Pfizer discussing how this solution has enhanced their workflows
  • Technical application notes on biotherapeutic quantification using OptiFlow.

Get the Knowledge Accelerator Pack:

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