Driving the science to you!

We're hitting the road and visiting all of our friends and colleagues! We haven't seen you in a long time and we have so much to share. Experience our complete portfolio of SCIEX technology, including some of our latest mass spectrometry, capillary electrophoresis and software innovations.

Below are some of the stops we plan to make. Register for more details on these locations, as they become available. We'll also be releasing more dates as the year continues. We're excited to see you soon!

What you will experience on the technology tour:

  • ZenoTOF 7600 system: BE EXTRAORDINARY with the latest in high-resolution accurate mass technology, coupled with EAD fragmentation technology.
  • Triple Quad™ 7500 LC-MS/MS System – QTRAP® Ready: GO BEYOND current limits of sensitivity, productivity targets, ruggedness and robustness challenges.
  • Echo® MS System: RUN FAST with the ultra-high sample throughput system for Acoustic Ejection Mass Spectrometry (AEMS). Delivers speed, scale and reproducibility with unyielding data quality
  • SCIEX OS Software: POWER UP with software for the modern lab. Remarkable quantitative usability, efficiency and integrity will transform and streamline your LC-MS/MS workflows.
  • PA 800 Plus Pharmaceutical Analysis System: characterize therapeutic proteins with confidence. Run multiple characterizations from a single system and produce qualitative and quantitative analyses, with speed and confidence.

Where are we headed?

Date Location
October 6th Albany, NY
October 8th Woburn, MA
October 12th Framingham, MA
October 13th Boston, MA
October 14th Cambridge, MA
October 18th Worcester, MA
October 19th Storrs, CT
October 20th New Haven, CT
October 22nd Princeton, NJ
October 25th Springhouse, PA
October 26th King of Prussia, PA
October 31st - November 4th Philadelphia, PA - American Society of Mass Spectrometry 2021 (ASMS)
November 8th Newark, DE
November 9th Rockville, MD
November 10th Baltimore, MD
November 18th Research Triangle Park, NC
November 23rd Gainesville, FL
November 30th Atlanta, GA
December 2nd Birmingham, AL
December 6th Houston, TX
December 8th Dallas, TX
December 10th Tucson, AZ
December 13th San Diego, CA
December 15th Orange County, CA
December 16th Los Angeles, CA
December 17th Stanford, CA

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